Effects of Adopting Computational Thinking Concept in Education

A set of problem-solving methods that is helpful for the educators to explore different kinds of problems along with their solutions with the students with the help of computational techniques is known as computational thinking concept. There are three main characteristics of computational thinking concept. First is known as abstraction in which we have to formulate the problems. Second is known as automation in which we have to express the solutions of the problems. The third is known as analysis in which we have to execute and evaluate these solutions. Here, we will provide some essential tips to the students that are helpful for them to understand the effects of adopting computational thinking concepts in education.


Computational Thinkers Are Problem Solvers:

With the help of this method, it is easy for students to solve different kinds of problems. This method also provides a structured and proven method to identify solutions to different problems. It is easy for the students to identify solutions to these problems regardless of age or computer literacy level. In order to execute this method properly, it is divided into three parts. The first part is known as decomposition. In the decomposition, educators will try to decompose the complex problems into easily manageable parts. The second part is known as pattern recognition. With the help of pattern recognition, it is possible for the students to find out similarities between these problems. The third part is known as abstraction. In this part, students will learn how to focus on important and relevant information. Moreover, students will also learn how to ignore irrelevant details. The last step is known as an algorithm. In this part, students will learn how to solve a problem by following specific steps.


Computational Thinkers Are Innovators:

As we know that a person who invents a new thing is known as an inventor. On the other hand, if a person uses ideas of the inventor for some specific purpose, he is known as an innovator. The computational thinking process is helpful for students in creating innovations. It means that while solving a problem, a student will try to find out some other unique ways to get the possible solutions to these problems rather than following the traditional problem-solving techniques. Its reason is that after getting solutions to specific problems, students have to tell their teachers that what they have extracted from these problems. The only way to tell something new or unique to your teachers is possible only if a student is following a specific method or hiring a dissertation writing service to solve a problem. In order to force the students to become innovators, in the computational teaching method, some essential tools, resources and skills are also provided to the students. By using computational thinking technique, it is also possible for the students to communicate with others by designing graphics.


Computational Thinking Is Research-Based And Tested:

Nowadays, lots of big names in technology like Google, Apple and Microsoft are also using computational thinking while hiring the employees. These companies try to give preference to those candidates who have impressive computational skills. Its reason is that if a student has impressive computational skills, he can easily provide new idea and implement a new idea that is helpful for these companies to compete with other companies. That’s why there is also the great importance of computational thinking in education. Its reason is that with the help of computational thinking, it is possible for the students to implement different kinds of problems after conducting proper research and after testing the solutions to these problems. Moreover, these computational thinking skills are also shifting technology consumers to the creators.


It Is Simple To Teach And Fun To Learn:

No doubt, students are well aware of different kinds of teaching methods that can help them to get better academic grades. If they take an overview of these teaching methods, they come to know that they can’t implement these teaching methods at all levels of education. On the other hand, if they think about the computational teaching method, they come to know that it is possible for them to apply this teaching method on all levels of students. Another interesting fact about this teaching method is that it is easy for the students to deliver different lectures. Moreover, students also find it easy to learn different concepts by taking part in different kinds of fun activities. With the help of computational teaching method, it is also easy for the students to learn repetitive concepts easily.